Teletech is a well-established, Australian company supplying a unique range of telephone cable instruments to the Australian and global markets since 1984. We design, manufacture and service all our products.

These products are supported by strong patents held in 18 major countries and are backed by worldwide strategic alliances. Our manufacturing and services standards are high as reflected in our quality certification. Teletech continues to innovate in telecommunication testing through Research and Development with our skilled engineers and designers.

Did you know? Teletech is the creator of the renowned and reliable Loop a Line, a cable testing instrument integral to all Telco technicians. Please peruse the other quality Services and Instruments we provide.

  • TP901 Probe Lead


    This lead has a right angle plug and is supplied with 2 alligator clips. Telstra Serial/Item 005/00126: Replaced part 900 1469 900.

  • Wizard170


    The Wizard170 is a test instrument to check cable terminations to Krone blocks. It will find open circuits, short circuits, transposed pairs, split pairs and polarity reversals.

  • TS916 Oscillator Leads Shrouded


    TS900 series General Purpose Test Lead with 4mm shrouded plug connectors.
    IEC61010 Cat II 500V.

    Telstra Serial/Item 005/00128 (Replaced 900 1468 910)
    Five alligator clips are included.